Thursday, July 5, 2007

By the Lake

There was a party behind me. Australians, Koreans, Japanese, Malaysians, Thais. It was a poolside party hosted as a welcome session for the debaters in Australasians.

Eating. Laughing. Swimming. Dancing. Smoking.


I stood beside the lake near the pool. It was at night. The water was calm, the moon was clearly reflected in the calm waters of the pool. The occassional breeze brought few ripples on the surface.

Surely it was a familiar sight. I've been by the lake before at a different place at a different time on a different occassion.

With different people.

Like that lake, back then, there was no party. No noise. No chaos. No loud music.

Just the company of a quiet person that would listen. The assurance of a friend that was always there. Sitting opposite me surrounded with the music of nature and the songs of the birds. A light chat, some giggling, but other than that there wasn't even much talking. Just enjoying the presence and the company of that person.

That night, that person was far away. I looked up into the clear dark skies, looking out for a star.

Where have the stars gone to? Where is the company that I look for when I need it the most?

I sighed.

The stars are not seen. The company is not found.

But they are still there.

It's just that we can't see them. It's just that we need to find them. And find it harder.

The only solace I took by standing at the lake this time, were the memories of the last time I stood by a lake. The person that made me realise that the stars will never fade. Not until we think they have.