Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Greatest Thief

The greatest thief was no man. It wasn’t a he, it was a she. A she that had no intimidating look on her face, no fear in her eyes, no threat in her body language. In fact, no one could have ever mistaken her for one. No one would believe that she could be a thief in the first place. It just didn’t seem likely.

She was so skillful. Before you knew what was wrong, she has already dealt the first blow. With little warning and with little notice, she creeps up even without walking up to you, she sneaks in and moves past the guards and the police and those who are alert and watching. As sneaky as a serpent and as cunning as the fox, she weaves through the holes in the quiet nights when no one watches.

No sound is heard when she walks past. No big movements, no voices, no whispers. Nothing at all. She doesn’t even come with knives or guns. She doesn’t need firearms for protection. Not protection, not to attack, not to strike. She scoffs at the idea of brute force and terror. It’s not her style, she claims. No one even fears her. No one’s scared of her. In fact, people adore her. People love her. People befriend her. Sneaky and fishy, people once claimed, but they never got to the root of the problem, let alone reckon that she’s a thief.

She’s just a little girl. Small body, petite size, pretty features of her natural face and expressions. Her greatest weapon is not in her hands, it’s on her face. Her charm, her alluring beauty, her words. Her persuasive speech and her graceful steps stuns people in their footsteps, then she strikes.

When she strikes, no one feels the pain. No one knows who she strikes, and no one can possibly tell. After the shots were long fired and the smoke ceases from the surroundings, only after the mist of confusion and doubts subsides and fades, what is left is the remains of the victim. The victim can only tell that he ‘lost something’ and ‘feels that something is missing’, but he will never know what he has lost.


The greatest thief in the world doesn’t steal material wealth. She needs nothing of those. She doesn’t need people’s money or belongings. She already has it all. She comes and steals the treasures of a person. Hidden in locked chests of discreet and secret, kept and tucked away in the dark corners behind sealed doors, she steals those.

Aims, she doesn’t. Targets, there’re none. So natural she steals that she doesn’t even realize that she has stolen something. Until someone that has ‘lost that something’ realizes that she has already stolen it, until that someone approaches her and confronts her, only then does she realize the crime she has committed. But by then, it’s just too late. It has already been stolen and couldn’t be returned to.

What happens next? What about the sentence? What about the punishment? Is there any justice done to the greatest thief in the world?

Nothing happens. She just smiles and walks away. No punishment dealt with. No jury, no trials, no sentences.


The greatest justice done, is the fact that she stole something from someone. Oddly. That’s the greatest justice that could ever be done to anyone. To let her steal from you.

Her immunity is not towards the written law and constitution of the country. Her protection is not from the government.

After all, what she stole was never something written in the law. She never stole something that could ever warrant for an arrest. Hence, nothing happens. She’s free to continue stealing and striking and invading other people’s fortresses for their treasures. She’s a free thief. She’s never bound by law and order. She is above all of them.

The greatest thief in the world, doesn’t break past physical gates and doors. The best robber in the universe, doesn’t rob you off your money or your possessions. She goes only after your treasures. Not the ones locked up in safe boxes or metal doors.

The greatest thief in the world, only steals the heart.

And I was that stupid but willing victim.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or was that the definite expression of a man in love???

Anonymous said...

i sense a hint of erin there.... muahahahahahahaha

CHUN CHUNG said...

Blur.... thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for your compliment (& consolation ;P). Who is it that you're talking bout???

.::. aLLiE .::. said...

hey joash!!
omigosh i seriously have to say that this is like ur best post ever. not sayin tt the rest aren't good. but seriously man seriously this is honestly seriously good! its roxxx 101!! keep it up!

*psst* u ok dere?? *her*

wl said...

since you complain i don't leave comments for people, here's one k. and better not start another complaint if it gets too guarantees k. you know i crap a lot.
first things first, i really really really wanna know who are you talking about. haha. you need not post it up here, but i'm sure many many people will be looking forward to that. not only the one in this post but also in the others actually. will really really appreciate it if you would let on some tips, or better, some names, of those thief(ves) of yours. though you might break a few more hearts along the way. (since you're complaining you're not getting enough attention also) and not forgetting increase your popularity huh...=P


ej said...

ho ho dad,
was that mum???? huahuahuahua..

Live for God said...

hey hey,hu's tat thief??lol..anyway,it was nice having u back..take care n all the best in everything..luv ya man..

sihan said...

The Greatest Thief is a thief who steals nothing but heart. The most miserable thief is a thief who steals nothing but Sihan's heart.

JuDy said...

you rock,dude.

beloved said...

Oooooooooooooooo....... very true bro, very true :)

balakavitHa said...

did the thief steal and hurt your precious treasure...
if she did....
let me have a word with her...
i will make her give back what is yours....

*(ironical to your latest blog in Septemeber)......

unless you want her to keep it ... and care for it.....
maybe it's at safer hands....*ChuckleS*

but its alwayz better to share ;)

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